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As the children start their preschool education, we aim to help them settle down into the school environment and enhance their development.


At the young age of 18 months, their motor skills are yet well developed. As such, many motor skills activities are planned to help them in the development of gross motor skills and fine motor skills.


Cognitive activities like letter and colour recognition are also planned to introduce them to different topics. Children are brought for outdoor activities to give them the opportunities to explore and interact with the environment.



At this age, children start to be curious and ask questions. To facilitate this development, here at Dayspring Child Care, we plan activities that helps them learn new concepts that they are beginning to understand.


As they grow, they begin to develop fine motor skills. Our activities help to fine-tune their fine motor skills and enhance their gross motor skills. At Dayspring, we believe in holistic education, hence a variety of activities like storytelling, outdoor play and art and craft are conducted.



Nursery children are beginning to explore into friendships and play together. Opportunities are provided to facilitate them in learning to play and learn as groups.


To fine-tune the motor skills they have developed, fine motor skills activities like threading and gross motor skills activities like music and movement are conducted.


At Dayspring, we have a phonics program for the children to help them better learn the English language and read. To cultivate their interest in reading, our teachers conduct storytelling sessions and have free reading time for the children.


Kindergarten 1

As the children progress from Nursery to Kindergarten 1, they have begun to read simple sight words and blend simple words. To further develop this area, we conduct plenty reading sessions.


Furthermore, they will be introduced to spelling tests for both the English and Chinese language which will help them to have a wider vocabulary and knowledge in both languages.


Kindergarten 2

At the Kindergarten 2 level, children are heading towards Primary 1. We aim to help build a strong foundation and ease their transition to Primary school.


As such our curriculum introduce them to Mathematics and English topics like time and comprehension respectively that will be covered in Primary school.


On top of that, the phonics program will continue to be conducted to help build up their reading skills and the children will also have spelling test for both English and Mother Tongue.


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