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Our Curriculum

At Dayspring, we respect each child as an individual and view him / her as a competent and valued person. We strive to nurture each child’s growth physically, mentally, creatively according to his/her needs, interests, learning pace and style. Every Dayspring child is a unique individual.

Core Curriculum

Creative Curriculum

Physical Curriculum

Core Curriculum



Language, being the cornerstone of every education, plays a central role in this Kindergarten. It facilitates the development of basic conceptual, thinking and reasoning skills.


Our children will be encouraged and guided in the use of language by our dedicated and skilled educators. Natural and effortless command of the language is our goal.


Our children will have opportunities to interact and communicate verbally with their peers and educators in an environment designed to be conducive towards learning.


Our children’s linguistic development will be enhanced through a series of combined stories, phonics and picture talk.


Early Mathematics

We aim to introduce different mathematical concepts to the child through the use of interactive and foundation forming techniques, such as counting, sorting, matching, sequencing, comparing, ascending/descending order, types of measurement and the basic elements of mathematics (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).


Individuality is recognized and we provide a base on which we encourage each child to reach his/her maximum potential.


Early Science

We will adopt a more ‘hands on’ experience in our introduction to the world of the living sciences. This will enhance the learning process for the children and make science interesting.


Children learn best through active playing experiences when given freedom to explore, experiment and make choices through carefully supervised work-play.

Sharing Time.png

Sharing Time

This will be a session for interaction where vital communication skills are developed. We recognize that talking often to and with the child is essential for this development as children will learn language through constant use.


These half hour sessions encourage our children to openly discuss, share and interact at all levels through verbal communication.

Creative Curriculum


Arts & Crafts

Through arts and crafts, we allow children to express how they feel, think, and view the world. It is an outlet that allows children to convey their feelings and appreciate the beauty around them.


It generates creativity and the imaginative thinking process by encouraging the children to experiment in art and craft. E.g.: using primary colors to create secondary or pastel colors.


Music & Movement

Using music, we offer children another avenue of expression. We use music in our voices to communicate feelings. Teachers encourage self-expression through rhythmic activities giving our children many opportunities to respond to music.


As the child grows to appreciate music, he/she acquires a gift that will bring great pleasure. Music brings another dimension of beauty into his/her life.


Block Building

The block play is a perfect place for mathematical experiences. They are especially stimulating for learning math because of the real life examples of geometric shapes and solids.


We have a wide range that offers age appropriate opportunities for creative construction. Social and emotional interactions among peers are the main highlights. Block play allows each child to practice in reasoning and logical thought and encourage decision making.



Cooking enables our children to experience the world of food firsthand. Our children learn how food is prepared and how it contributes to their health and well-being.


The experience will offer them opportunities to experiment with food and to be creative while preparing nutritional snacks for themselves. Cooking is considered a “survival skill” that is basic to the education of all boys and girls.

Physical Curriculum


Water & Sand Play

Water and sand play are a fun and natural method used in developing hand and eye co-ordination.


It offers social and emotional development that allows the child to experience sharing opportunities and building up peer relationships. It is a definite therapeutic way of releasing the child’s tensions.


Outdoor Play

With outdoor play we encourage children to explore this world and develop dexterity. Our activities which encourage physical exercise will instill a sense of self confidence and independence.


Designed to enhance all areas of your child’s development, such programs are planned for at least thrice a week.

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Dayspring Childcare.

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